Ele Experience farm in Jaipur, India is a fantastic way for you to get hands on experience and make a real difference to the lives of our elephants. Experience the most exciting, innovative, working elephant village in India, dedicated to conserving elephants. You can learn about their basic habits of food, life and traditional decoration.

People from Ele Experience farm is engaged with elephant by birth not by profession. Our family have been riding and taking care of elephants since 10 generations but nowadays we have very different world where everyone have busy life. So we have created this activities for people who want to be a Mahout(Rider) of a beautiful and gentle Giant.

Elephant Experience Activity

Elephant Feeding

Feeding Elephant is an art and we at Ele experience farm skilled people in this Art of feeding elephant in Jaipur, feeding banana like a sweet for elephants that’s favorite of elephants.

Elephant Bathing

We also provide elephant bathing in Jaipur but this service will not applicable in winter. Feel the real fun with elephants in summer.

Riding Elephant

We provides Best Elephant Ride or Walk in Jaipur India, Riding / Walking with Elephant feels like close the whole world. We at elephant farm ensure you to provide the same feeling and excitement on elephant ride or walk at elephant farm..

Elephant Painting

We also let Our Customers to do painting on Elephants in Jaipur India, which spreads joy on Tourist and Elephants on every time.

Welcome to Jaipur Elephant Experience

Walk With Elephant

Elephants symbolize Royal Culture and in Capital of Rajasthan – “Jaipur” we are ready to render you with our exotic services. We provide Elephant Safari in Jaipur. Explore the terrain with friends and family over herd of elephants and relish the moments of witnessing wildlife, and experiencing royal treatment.

Elephant Ride or walk in Jaipur. Ride or walk an Elephant with family. we being your personal elephant ride expert let you steal glances of Indian Culture.  

Elephant for Royal Wedding – Make ones wedding momentous in life of having a grateful Procession of one’s ceremony. 

Elephant Painting unleashing creativity within you and your family and also don’t miss a chance of having a precious moment to have a glance only on one elephant baby which was born in Elephant House Jaipur, apart from our Elephant Ride or walk and Safari Services in Jaipur.

A word from Owner


Dear Guests, 

We are a little upset to put this on our website but it came to our notice that many people at Elephant Village and other places are using our name and charging our guests.  Some Drivers and Tour guides are taking people to different places where they pretend to be Ele Experience Farm and drivers and guides are getting  commissions.

So please double check with prices and the places you are visiting be sure you meet me at farm. 

Thanks for reading this.                                                                                                                         

Mr. Farhan : Founder @Ele Experience Farm

Things To Do In Jaipur

Jhalana Leopard Safari

Set in the foothills of Aravallis, Jhalana Safari Park is a popular tourist attraction in Jaipur. The park is famous for birdwatching, but over the time, it has become quite a popular place to sight Indian leopards. Jhalana as the name suggests, offers the opportunity for exciting gypsy safari which is an excellent way to sight the wildlife in the park.

Block Printing Workshop

Ele Experience was the first organization that started promoting the art of hand Block printing by creating a unique half / full day workshop at Bagru. Today, with the gaining popularity of such workshops, even locals have started promoting their art at big stages but what goes wrong is the “Staged Workshops” which are set for the explorers at one place.

Jaipur Walking Tour

If you are in India, don’t miss Jaipur-The Pink City. It is just the most romantic and magnificent of all cities in India. The colored hues of the city will sweep you from your feet and cast a spell on you. Uniformity, symmetry, beauty and grandeur all packed in one. Jaipur has been ranked by many surveys as the cleanest and pedestrian friendly city of India and this makes it a great city of day tours.

Wonderful elephant farm

Wonderful elephant farm

The best experience with these gorgeous animals. They take really good care of them and keep them in the best natural environment. We met Farhan and we was very kind to us.

Great day at farm

Great day at farm

It's a best experience in jaipur.i was with my friends.when I heard about elephants so I find out then I decided I should go Ele Experience farm. I been there I feed them,I walked with elephants.i painted in elephant.after that I washed them.its a great experience for me.i do highly recommend for ele experience farm.

Lovely place to see elephants

Lovely place to see elephants

Visited today and didn't regret it. It is a lovely little sanctuary where the elephants roam around freely. Sometimes they are painted (e.g. for an upcoming wedding) and you can pet and feed them. Do pay this place a visit when you're around, you won't regret it!

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